The ultimate hair and scalp detox plan

The ultimate hair and scalp detox plan

Struggling to keep up with your new years hair resolutions? Jo shares her guide to detox your hair and scalp to keep on track with beautiful healthy hair for 2018.

Hair grows and looks it’s best when supported by a healthy scalp! Below are my top tips to getting your hair and scalp in great shape for 2018.

Exfoliate your scalp weekly

Weekly exfoliation helps clear away accumulated dead skin cells and soothes stressed and tired scalps. Use Philip Kingsleys Exfoliating Scalp Mask to combat unwanted flakes and itchiness. In need of stimulation? Use Stimulating Scalp Mask from Philip Kinglsey to encourage blood circulation which encourages new hair growth.

Shampoo frequently

A clean scalp supports hair growth and also adds body and bounce! Just like the rest of your body your scalp gets dirty each day, making it more prone to irritation and bacterial build up. Read my post on the importance of shampooing

Tone your scalp daily

Just like your face your scalp will benefit massively from a daily toner. Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner will give immediate relief from flaking and itching. For hydration and stimulation use Scalp Toner.

Use a pre shampoo treatment weekly

Using Elasticizer weekly will hydrate, strengthen, adds elasticity and creates bounce and manageability. This allows hair to grow stronger and healthier.

Things to avoid

Drinking to much alcohol and eating processed unhealthy foods can deplete our body(and hair) of nutrients. If you are prone to dandruff cut down on dairy products as these exacerbate flaking and itching.

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