Say hello to our new Gatsby & Miller stylist Renae who is a talented stylist with more than three years’ experience in the hairdressing industry.  Here she answers a few questions so you can get to know her a little better.

Which hairstyles do you love doing?  I love blow drying and any aspect of colouring hair. My favourite colours to do are balayage because you can be creative and the outcome is seamless. I also find them fun to do! 

What do you love about being a hair stylist?  I love being a hair stylist because you can give clients so much confidence and allow them to really show off their personalities through their choice of hairstyle.

Who inspires you to create fabulous hair?  I am inspired by Samantha Cusick and I hope to create work as amazing as her one day! 

What is your ultimate ambition? My ambitions are to enter competitions, create hair for fashion shows and to have a consistently busy column.

How would you describe yourself… in 3 words? The three words I would use to describe myself would be: Creative, ambitious and passionate.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others… I ride race horses and I used to do showjumping competitively! 

Check out Renae’s work and follow her on Instagram here.