Maicy has been a part of the Gatsby and Miller team for 2 years, and is loving her career choice so far.

She recently began studying hair colour and it is something she is enjoying and cannot wait to learn more about. She watches a lot of tutorials on balayage and foiling and is excited to learn these techniques in the future.

Maicy finds hairdressing a very rewarding career, and loves making people feel special in the salon.

She takes inspiration from the stylists she follows on Instagram, including Brad Mondo from America.

Maicy doesn’t wish to specialise, but rather wants to be confident in every aspect of hairdressing so she can offer the best service to each and every customer that sits in her chair.

Maicy is very confident and quite fearless, and doesn’t have any qualms with approaching new people or trying new things.

Buzz words: Bubbly, exciting, talkative, confident, passionate, outgoing.