Lauren loves colour transformations, and enjoys getting creative with her colour work.

Whether it is a lived in balayage, foliage, or complete correction, she is passionate about giving her clients the perfect result.

She completed her training in 2013 and went on to work in salons in London before moving to Gatsby and Miller. She consistently takes part in seminars and believes that her education is a priceless investment.

Doing makeovers is no easy task, and Lauren prides herself on her consultations, and always makes sure her guest understands the journey so they are 100% satisfied.

Long term, Lauren wants to have her own education platform where she can build and deliver her own content and educate others in the industry.

When she was younger, Lauren loved animals, and she now owns her own horse which keeps her busy when she isn’t in the salon.

Buzz words: Loud, energetic, caring, passionate, transparent, upbeat.