Hannah began her apprentice in 2020 and is progressing in leaps and bounds as she learns what it takes to be a top hairdresser.

She is a very keen learner, and has not let the pandemic stop her from learning. She is dedicated to refining her skills and consistently utilises the online education portals with product knowledge.

She absolutely loves the artistic side of the industry, and enjoys building a connection with every client who walks through the door. She also enjoys assisting the other team members, and takes on board their knowledge.

Her long-term goal in the industry is to give back. When she becomes qualified she looks forward to donating her time and skills to charities to help the disadvantaged.

She has always been an avid learner, enjoying philosophy studies and in her downtime she loves to curl up and read a good book.

Buzz words: Compassionate, caring, understanding, perfectionist, hard-working, grateful.