Dragos completed his Stylist training in his home country of Romania. He then went on to specialise in modern grooming, and finished his Masters of Barbering in 2020.

He enjoys consultations with his client, and assessing their face shape and bone structure and lifestyle to give them a personalised cut that works perfectly for them.

At the moment, he is enjoying the latest barbering trends, and loves to cut taper fades with a texturised top, tight skin fades as well as soft, longer styles.

Being a Stylist keeps Dragos motivated, and he relishes the fact there is always something new to learn. He is competitive by nature, and loves a challenge, so finds his role at Gatsby & Miller very fufilling.

Dragos is actually a qualified Industry and Design Engineer, but chose to explore a career in hair because it was something he always enjoyed! Dragos is interested in salon operations and one day would love to run his own academy to train others.

Buzz words: Social, confident, focused, ambitious, motivated, particular. 

You can see more of Dragos’ hair creations by hopping on over to Instagram here.