Smartbond Hair Strengthening Treatments

smartbond before and after, hair treatments, best hair salon in amersham - Gatsby & Miller Concept SalonSmartbond is L’Oréal Professionnel’s ultimate bond strengthening service which protects and strengthens the hair during technical services such as bleaching and colouring. The system consists of 3 components, the first 2 being used in-salon and the 3rd one at home.

Step 1 : Bond Strengthening Additive

Smartbond Step 1 contains maleic acid which works smartly during chemical processes, preserves the strong bonds & allows the reconstruction of weak bonds.

Step 2 : Bond Strengthening system pre-shampoo

Smartbond Step 2 is applied to the hair once the colour is removed as a pre-shampoo. It also contains maleic acid which continues to capture the ions to allow the weaker bonds to reform. It contains a blend of ceramides & polymers to provide condition & shine to the hair.

Step 3: Conditioner

Smartbond clients can reinforce the in-salon service with Step 3, an at home conditioner that continuously strengthens the fibre week after week, allowing you to keep the outstanding salon result simply at home by using once a week for 1-3 minutes.

Talk to your colourist about what Smartbond can do to transform your hair.  A treatment takes just 10 minutes.