The lowdown on London Fashion Week


Working along side Moroccanoil’s Global Creative Director at London Fashion Week

Hairdressing and fashion go together hand in hand with more and more people recognising that hair is the most complimentary and versatile fashion accessory of them all.

I was proud to be joining the Moroccanoil Creative Team once again at London Fashion Week earlier in the year during February – Prouder still to be chosen to work alongside Global Creative Director Antonio Corral Calero for the two shows!

Behind the scenes at LFW is an experience not to be missed! As well as the army of designers and wardrobe assistants, there are teams of make-up artists, nail technicians and our 25-strong team of hairstylists all helping to maximise the impact of the designer’s collection.

Our first show was styling for Temperley London. Creative Director Alice Temperley MBE heads up the independent British luxury lifestyle brand. Temperley is a feminine, timeless international designer collection, with a design signature that has made her one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary British fashion.

The team and myself didn’t know the final look until show day, and that’s due to the hair test a couple of days before. In keeping with the effortless, laidback look of the collection, Global Moroccanoil® Ambassador, Antonio Corral Calero and our team, created a rock and roll version of polished hair. The hair is the accessory of the outfit and must have its own movement and energy, whilst enhancing the natural beauty of each woman.

Our second show, Kristian Aadnevik, had inspiration originating from the historical background and triumph of war hero, the Duke of Wellington, at Waterloo in 1815. After visiting his home, Apsley House in London, Aadnevik took inspiration from the intricate detail of gold, red and blue uniforms and the femininity of the war heroes’ wives with use of soft dusty pinks and custom embroidery to create a contrasting light and dark collection.

Just like Aadnevik, Global Moroccanoil® Ambassador, Antonio Corral Calero, has taken the uniform of wavy hair and enhanced the femininity to create the ‘Waves of Wellington’. The look is designed to complement the collection but be easy to recreate at home, using only three key products.

Easy to recreate at home here’s how you too can get this look:

  • “Preparation of the hair is absolutely key in this look as we are aiming to create different textures. Whilst we want to emphasise the natural hair, you should smooth over to start with if the hair you are working with is not straight or wavy.”
  • “Begin by separating the hair into three sections. Spritz Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection into the roots, one layer at a time, and blow dry to set.”
  • “Part the hair on the left hand side; a deep parting, reaching to the crown.”
  • “Use a medium curling iron, starting two inches from the root, to set three inches of the hair, leaving the rest of the hair to hang naturally. Work with small sections of hair and curl towards the face on the left side and away from the face on the right.”
  • “Finally, take one part Moroccanoil Treatment with one part Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine and rub together in yours hands. Tip the head forward so the hair is not touching anything and pat the product three times on each side. This method of compressing the product into the cuticles gives extra shine and flexibility.”
  • “Tip the head back and pat again three times and then, using whatever is remaining in your hands, caress from the roots to the top of the waves to smooth.”
  • “The final look should fall slightly across the face and feels feminine and mysterious.”

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Photography by Piers Macdonald