Fight Plastic Pollution

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Did you know that we’re part of Water UK’s Refill Scheme? This means we have provided an in-salon water fountain for the local people of Amersham to come in and refill their bottle, any time.

The first of its kind in Amersham, the Refill scheme is part of our bid to support the #refillrevolution and help ditch single-use plastic to prevent further plastic pollution.

Today, the effect that the UK’s plastic consumption has on the environment and wildlife is now recognised by many as an urgent problem that needs addressing. According to research, the Refill Scheme says that 64% of people would stop buying bottled water if they could access tap water refills.

So, by coming in and filling up your bottle, you’re also helping to make a difference in the fight against plastic waste. The Refill scheme is completely free, easy and open to everyone, so you can save money and feel good about it too.

As a business, we have an ethical responsibility to be eco-friendly in as many areas as possible. In addition to the Refill Scheme, we have installed eco-friendly lighting as well as Ecohead shower heads on our basins, to reduce our water usage by 65%.

So drop in, get #readytoRefill and help support the fight against plastic pollution with #RefillAmersham and Gatsby & Miller.