Take a Hair Journey


We all have hair goals. You know the type, hankering after that blunt cut bob we’ve seen on TV, that perfectly glossy colour gleaming off the girl in the coffee shop, those exquisitely tousled waves adorning our friend. If we’re not happy with the hair we’ve got, then sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair! But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, the hair we actually want can be a lot more achievable than we think. It all starts with a hair journey. We’re not suggesting overnight transformations and magic formulas, but if you’re willing to make a bit of a commitment, then the results can be very real and rewarding.

Starting out on a hair journey needn’t be daunting; you just need to know what look you want to achieve from your hair, coupled with realistic expectations. Then make an appointment with your stylist to discuss your hair goals, and they can talk you through how you can work together to achieve this. They will take into account not only your hair type, its potential and limitations, but also your lifestyle and your personality. And the journey begins. It’s a commitment, it might take 18 months to achieve the look you’ve been longing for, but, as our Art Director Lauren likes to say, ‘Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off’.

But what if the look you want to achieve is best suited to another stylist’s skills, or as a new guest you aren’t yet aware of our team members individual capabilities? Easy! You can find out more about the skill sets that lie behind each of our stylists and get acquainted with their hidden talents in the biography pages of our website. Or visit our instagram account to see vibrant visual evidence of the capabilities and creations devised by our talented team. When you find the right stylist for you, book a consultation and get ready for the start of a beautiful hair journey – and feel one step closer to reaching your hair goals.