Get The Look! Love Island Hair!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’d be hard-pressed to have missed the buzz surrounding ITV2’s Love Island this summer. Love it or loathe it, it is definitely a discussion point as a group of genetically blessed twenty-somethings vie for each others affections in the quest for true love.

But what caught our eye, rather unsurprisingly, was the hair. Have you seen it? It’s long and silky, voluminous and bouncy, vibrant and shiny. All whilst enduring days in the blistering heat of the Mediterranean, chlorine from the pool and daily use of styling tools (the place is awash with straighteners, tongs and hair dryers). We all know that exposing our hair to these elements can wreak havoc with our locks. So, how did they manage to escape the frizz and dodge the dryness?

The answer lies behind a variety of technical and topical procedures used by salons to counteract the effects of stressed-out and damaged hair. At Gatsby & Miller, we provide a curated collection of some of the leading professional hair care systems and products that deliver impressive results. Whether it’s a preventative or restorative solution you’re looking for, here are just some of the ways we can help:

For those of you that like to have regular colour, Olaplex is the revolutionary hair system that helps to permanently rebuild damaged hair bonds, allowing us to use colour without compromising the integrity of your hair. After using Olaplex, your hair condition will feel stronger, healthier and repaired, giving you a shiny, vibrant and longer lasting colour.

For silky, frizz-free and altogether more manageable hair, Cezanne Perfect Finish is a smoothing treatment providing a shield against humidity and other harmful environmental toxins. With results that can last up to 5 months, your hair will feel healthy, strong and smooth, giving you complete hair perfection!

If you thought there was no hope for your sad and sorry locks, think again! Wella’s System Professional with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX re-energises and transforms the hair to leave it visibly healthier, reconstructed and more responsive to styling. Your unique Hair Energy Profile is diagnosed using Hair Energy Mapping tools, and a personalised system of treatment and products with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX is prescribed.

Then there is the all-round super product Moroccanoil, a smoothing and powerful antioxidant and UV protector, working to help condition and improve hair elasticity. The Argan oil blend is rich in vitamins and natural elements that fortify the hair, including Vitamin A to improve elasticity, Vitamin E to protect against free-radicals, and Phenols to shield against environmental stressors.

We recommend booking a complimentary consultation, so we can diagnose your hair needs and advise you on the most suitable specialist treatment. Call us on 01494 728899, we’d love to hear from you!