Quirk At Gatsby & Miller

Quirk Quarters Sweets at Gatsby Miller Salon in Amersham

If you remember popping into your friendly corner shop to buy a quarter of Cola Cubes on the way home from school, you are going to LOVE our latest addition to Gatsby & Miller and Cafe 67 in Amersham!

We have teamed up with start-up Amersham business Quirk to showcase their fabulous retro sweets which will be weighed out on old-fashioned scales and sold as 'a quarter of'.  Choose from a wide range of sweeties including those vintage favourites - wine gums, shrimps, gobstoppers, pear drops...  You'll be in retro sweet heaven! 

For those born after the 1980s, let us explain!  A quarter of sweets was a term used to buy sweets that were a quarter of a pound in weight or 113 grams. The sweets from the 'olden days' were sold from jars and weighed out, especially for you.

Not only do these lovely jars of sweets brighten up our salon floor, but it also means a lot to us all at Gatsby & Miller who are proud to support the local community and promote local businesses. 

Another local business we are delighted to support is The Record Shop in Hill Avenue, Amersham.  For a few years now, we have showcased their LPs on the wall in our Modern Grooming zone.   

Local charities, organisations and businesses are always welcome at Gatsby & Miller and Cafe 67.  If you are interested in a joint venture, or hiring our space, please send an email to info@gatsbyandmiller.co.uk