Meet the Team At G&M


Meet Lauren Roads, Style Director at Gatsby and Miller. At just 22 Lauren is leading the way at the salon when it comes to creative colour. Here she tells us about how she started and where she wants to go.

Where I started
I’ve been working at Gatsby and Miller since it opened, which is almost six years ago. I started out as a Saturday girl, when I was 14. Back then I didn’t know that hair was what I wanted as a career until I really got to grips with the techniques.

Who inspires me
Instagram is a massive thing for me but I also love flicking through fashion magazines. One person who really inspires me is Samantha Cusick, who owns an extremely well-respected salon in London. She’s a major inspiration and definitely someone whose career I would aspire to in the future. I was lucky enough to go and work at the salon for six months, which was huge for me. Working in that environment was inspiring as I was learning so much. The biggest thing I came away with was more confidence in my ability. I learned that overcoming small amounts of fear is a part of any successful journey. I’m so passionate about hair, and I really want to be the best I can possibly be!

My biggest achievement so far
Getting so far with my Wella Master Colour Programme; genuinely, I didn’t think I would get this far. You’re meant to have a minimum of six years’ experience on the floor as a hairdresser to be able to do the course, and I only have three, so I’ve had to really push myself when it comes to my knowledge base, understanding and practical application.

The future
At this stage, my focus is on networking, building Gatsby and Miller and also building my own profile. I love Olaplex and one day I would love to work with them, doing stage work, travelling, teaching people.

The first thing I do when I wake up is…
Check my phone to see how my recent social media posts are doing!

And relax
Winding down is something I actually have a hard time with. When I do it’s usually on my commute home from work. I’ll just zone out and listen to music.

Least favourite part of my job
Some of our team are amazing at hair-ups and wedding hair but I love colouring more!

Having fun
Rather than celebrity styles, I’m more inspired by colour techniques and trends. I love balayage but I also want to start playing more with rainbow hair – so if you’re someone who wants to try it, reach out to me at the salon – I would love to hear from you!

See more of Lauren’s work over on our Instagram: @gatsbyandmiller