Meet The Modern Man


Over the past couple of years, barbering has enjoyed a huge resurgence, largely due to the boom in the Male Grooming industry. Today, men can moisturise, follow fashion and take time on their appearance, all without compromising their masculinity. We’ve come a long way!

The shift in men’s attitudes to their appearance and hair has enabled barbering to become an established and highly respected part of this ever-growing industry, and an increasingly popular profession. It makes sense then, that there has been a recent increase in barbering services offered by salons, as more men are seeking to enhance and define their appearance through their hair, and more are embracing this male grooming movement.

Gone are the days of ‘short back and sides’ as the generic instruction issued to the stern barber with no style credentials. A quick ten minute cut is no longer the norm for those wanting something outside the ordinary. Today, men want their hair to be current, embracing new techniques and trends that the industry has to offer. It’s not about blending in, it’s about finding your style.

And what about the different styles that men now want: the long and short, the pompadours and fading, the beards and quiffs? Many barbers have incorporated the art of combining hairdressing and barbering techniques using scissors and clippers to achieve the desired look. And if you thought barbering was gender-specific, think again! It is ideal for women wanting shorter, sharper styles or an edgy look, or simply to get or maintain a short cut.

Barbering has fast become a platform for current and innovative styles to be celebrated and worn. With social media being such an influential and visual force, barbers can happily show off and share their skills from beyond the chair. This has pushed the once restricted boundaries within barbering, to open up a new dimension of male grooming. The Beckham’s are no longer lauded for displaying their new barbering masterpiece, because the footballer’s, film stars and celebrities are all doing it too.

At Gatsby & Miller, our in-house expert barber is Luke. With a background in Art and Design, his speciality skills in barbering include styling, cutting, colouring, cut throat shaves and beard shaping. Luke works with a disciplined edge in his cutting to achieve fantastic shapes that are current and easy to manage, for men and women alike.

If you would like to book an appointment or complimentary consultation with Luke, please get in touch on 01494 728899. All new clients receive 25% off a cut and finish.