How to shampoo hair correctly

Top tips from G&M’s Hair & Scalp Specialist

This month Hair & Scalp Specialist Jo, shares her top tips on how to shampoo and condition your hair correctly at home.

“It is so important to cleanse and condition your hair and scalp properly using the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair texture” explains Jo.

“If you need any advise on the correct product for your hair needs then don’t hesitate to pop in and see me.”

1. Wet your hair thoroughly throughout. Don’t forget to move your hair around to get the underneath!

2. Apply a small amount of shampoo to your hands and in stroking movements apply to the scalp whilst lifting the hair to distribute the product all the way through.

3. In small circular motions knead the scalp to create a lather. Work from the hairline downwards towards the nape to ensure nowhere gets missed!

4. Repeat if necessary

5. Apply a small amount of conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends. Using a wide tooth comb detangle the hair. Start at the ends and work your way up. This is the easiest way and won’t cause any damage to your hair!

6. Massage your scalp. This encourages the blood circulation to the hair follicle which will stimulate hair growth. (Yes, we know its not the same doing it on yourself!)

7. Rinse thoroughly.

8. Towel dry your hair off. Try not to rub and ruffle up the hair as this will create tangles. So instead, wrap the towel around your head then gently squeeze and pat the hair dry.

9. Apply a detangling spray to the hair and using your wide tooth comb start to detangle the hair from the ends upwards. I use Tricho Pro by Philip Kingsley, as it makes combing through so easy. It is also protein based so it protects and strengthens the hair!

10. Apply a scalp toner to your scalp. This will create the best environment for a healthy scalp. (remember healthy scalp means healthy hair!)

11. Any additional styling products can now be applied. Leave natural or blow dry on a low/medium heat.

Here’s a few common questions Jo has answered for you. But if you have any further questions or would like advise then simply book in for a Hair & Scalp consultation with Jo.

Why is it important to always use a conditioner?
When shampooing the cuticle is opened. A conditioner is needed to close the cuticle so it stays protecting the hair shaft to keep the hair in good condition.

How often should I shampoo my hair?
I recommend daily, however I know this isn’t always possible so use one more day dry shampoo to maintain the wellbeing of your scalp between washes. A clean scalp encourages your hair to grow at its optimum rate.

I notice my hair in the plug after I wash my hair is this normal?
On average you lose 100 hairs each day, If you start to notice an excessive amount then book in with Jo for one of our specialist consultations that not only covers a personalised hair care regime, but also covers nutrition and lifestyle to help maintain the health or your hair and scalp.

For more info follow the link to our Hair Loss specialists page.