Get SMART & Get Healthy

Taking Steps & Goal Setting - The Smart Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

Small changes to a healthier lifestyle eventually add up to make a positive impact on your mindset, physical body, hair, skin, nails and well-being. To do this we need to plot these small changes as goals - and work SMART!

S Specific - Be detailed about what you are trying to accomplish. Consider the how, what, where & when of the overall aim.

M Measurable – How are you going to track your progress and measure success? Logging and journaling.

A Achievable – How can you ensure this goal can be reached? Sticking to the plan and being organised.

R Relevant – State why this goal is worthwhile to boost motivation.

T Timed – When will you complete this goal by? Two weeks to a month may be realistic.

Remember, small changes eventually add up to make huge results – to feeling great, looking good and glowing with inside and outside healthiness. 

Now... let’s take a look at some examples of SMART goals that you can use and adapt to create a healthier and positive lifestyle. Bear in mind just using one of these SMART goals will have a positive impact on your health and lifestyle.

"For the next two weeks, I will replace the processed snacks and lunch that I bring to work with a real, whole foods alternative such as; mixed natural nuts & dried fruit, fresh fruit, yogurt, peanut butter with oat cakes, celery and apple with hummus."

healthy eating at gatsby & miller salon in amershamSpecific: I will replace the snacks and lunch I eat on a regular basis by replacing processed foods with whole foods.

Measurable: Each snack I bring to work for the next two weeks counts as one unit of measure.

Achievable: Yes – I can prepare lunch the evening before. With organisation I can shop for whole foods which are dense and nutritious such as almonds, fruit, yogurt, and peanut butter, to replace pre-packed bars, chocolate and crisps, 3-bean/egg/tuna/beetroot/grain/buddha bowl salad, homemade soup with whole-grain roll.

Relevant: Yes – because your body needs natural vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health

Timed: (As a start) I am going to do this over two weeks for every workday.

"I will get up 10 minutes earlier 3 days a week, in order to have more time to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast."

healthy eating at gatsby & miller salon in amershamSpecific: I will start the day with a healthy breakfast at least 3 days a week.

Measurable: Each well-rounded breakfast you eat until the 4th of July counts as one unit of measure.

Achievable: This is an achievable goal that anyone who is trying to improve their nutrition should consider.

Relevant: Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast makes a huge impact on your overall well-being.

Timed: 3 days a week for 3 x weeks, as a start.