Eat Healthy & Save Money

Get Healthier, Save Money & Help The Environment! 

Write A Simple Food Shopping List

If you are looking to eat more healthily but are worried that it is going to cost too much, we have some simple tips that can help you keep within your budget!  Read on to find out how writing a food shopping list can really help with your planning, eating habits and even the environment! 

1. It helps with meal planning

While making your food shopping list, you can identify essential food items and ingredients, research interesting meals and come up with new recipe ideas.  This will prepare you for the week ahead!

2. It helps you lose or maintain weight

A grocery list helps you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals by giving you the time to identify healthy food products and ingredients to buy. You can research the nutrient content of the products as you make your list. This way, you can stock on healthy and nutritious products and reduce the not so healthy food options.

3. It saves you money

Having a list of to-buys lets you prioritise your spending, selection and choices. You’re also likely to stick to the aisles and sections where your items are located instead of exploring other areas. This will limit spending, stick to budget and protect your savings in the long run.

4. It saves you time and energy

Shop smarter - When you have a list of items to buy, you simply need to locate them on their designated shelves. This saves you wandering aimlessly around the shopping aisles.

5. It helps you focus 

By identifying all the items you need in a list, you can shop with focus and intent. You will override promotions to make you buy and spend more, like free trials and limited stocks. Planning is key – this helps your cognitive performance.

6. It makes you feel good

Making a shopping list can give you a sense of accomplishment from being able to control your urges to buying items you don’t need and being able to stick to your plan. This triggers the release of dopamine endorphins, which makes you feel good.

7. It reduces waste

By making a grocery list, you can avoid wasting food because you’ll have a realistic idea of what and how many food items to buy. This again saves you money.

8. It is kinder on the environment

Being organised and taking a few minutes to select items and products you essentially need; you will reduce waste packaging and help do your bit to protect the environment. You can also select recycled and environmentally friendly materials and packaging – to go super echo friendly.

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