Barbering For Women Too

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With barbering on the rise and an increase in the number of women seeking barbers to cut their hair, our in-salon barbering service Modern Grooming, has gone from strength to strength.

Luke Baker, our Master Barber at Modern Grooming, says that at least 15% of his clients are women, who range from 60 down to 11, and this is growing month-on-month. Having a non-gender specific barbers within a salon setting is all part of our efforts for inclusivity and accessibility when it comes to men and women having a hair or beauty treatment with us, providing choice without judgement.

But whilst we offer gender-neutral pricing for our barbering services, (which essentially means we charge men and women the same), this isn’t a notion followed by many other salons, as uncovered in a recent BBC News article. Many women, it seems, are either charged more for the same cut on a man or worse, turned away.

Luke says, in line with trends and personal choice, “Women are coming to me for undercuts, fades, short crops. Why should we charge more for the same haircut, just because they’re a woman?” The fact that men and women alike can come to our salon and enjoy any of our services is what we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Trained in women’s haircutting, along with one other member of the four-strong barbering team, Luke always likes to give his female clients a choice of sitting in the barbering zone or the salon. “I think that’s important,” he says. And so do we.

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