We Are STILL All About YOU

Award winning Gatsby & Miller Hair Salon in Amersham

Our motto has always been ‘Never About us, Always about You’.

With current affairs being as they are, we want you to know that

  ‘We Are STILL

   All About You!’

Our focus is your experience with us – that will never change.  This passion for perfection drives us to consistently deliver a culture concept of client care which is unrivalled by any other salon.

We have been recognised by industry leaders at the legendary Creative Head Magazine and can proudly announce that we are finalists for TWO categories in the Most Wanted Awards - Best New Salon AND Best Salon Experience 2020!

We are delighted to have made the cut, having fought off the strongest competition from across Britain and Ireland. Standards are extraordinarily high, and this is where the purpose and personality of Gatsby & Miller has shone through and put us ahead of the competition.  

We live and breathe you. Not even a global pandemic has stopped us from delivering an exquisite experience for you, from the minute you conveniently book your appointment on our new, intuitive mobile app, or simply pop by to pick up one of our delicious coffees.

Our fresh, modern, airy salon provides us with the generous space and facilities to retain our outstandingly high levels of hygiene, whilst following Government guidelines.

It’s social distancing without feeling distant

Upon arrival, our app will check you in automatically. We will greet you with a warm ‘hello’ and get you straight to your chair.

From your experience cockpit, you can control all aspects of your own session, from ordering your food and drinks to browsing our online store.

And if you arrive early? It’s STILL no problem!  Simply take a seat in our light, high-ceilinged café and wait with a refreshing juice; take advantage of our free WiFi and relax at our large tables and comfy seats. We won’t leave you queuing outside.

"My experience yesterday felt as close to a normal appointment as I could hope.  So, kudos to your team. 

It was seamless, really.  All the touches were still there, minus a few (very understandable) things."

Charlotte Brett

Obviously, none of this is possible without you, our faithful and fantastic clients, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Sincerely, The Team x