Colour Correction In Amersham


Autumn is well underway and Mother Nature’s spectrum of warm alluring tones can offer inspiration to anyone looking to give their hair a seasonal update. Whether you want to subtly change your hair colour from the sun-kissed highlights of the summer climes to a chestnut tone, or dramatically switch from brunette to berry red, it’s a good time of year to play with colour.

Armed with inspiration and excitement, you might have your sights set on orange ombre or even maroon. But what happens when your impatience for a colour change or desire for instant results thrusts you in front of the wrong hands, or, worse still, a home dye kit! A bad hair decision can happen to the best of us, the excitement draining away as your hopes of a rich auburn are dashed by a brassy block of reality, the khaki tones revealed after the failed foils have been removed. Dealing with the aftermath of a hair horror can be distressing, but it can be resolvable.

So how can we help you with your colour calamity? Enter Gatsby & Miller’s new Artistic Director, Tanya Hare. With 20 years industry experience under her belt and years of training with professional colour brands L’oreal, Wella, Redkin and Matrix, Tanya specialises in colour correction. Over the years, clients have sought her expertise in restoring their hair back to a good colour, a colour that works. From rebalancing an uneven distribution of colour to fixing patchy dye jobs and over processed brassy hair, Tanya has seen it all. She views it as a type of problem solving ’I like fixing a problem and colour correction is no different. Resolving a colour dilemma through learned techniques and finding the colour that suits someone is paramount. I like to come up with that solution’.

Colour correction is one thing you definitely shouldn’t try at home. It requires technical skill, patience and a portfolio of solved hair disasters. It should be left to the experts. If you are in need of colour correction or would like a consultation, appointments with Tanya are available from 7th November, although we recommend you book in advance. Please call 01494 728899 to make a booking, all new clients receive 25% off a cut and finish.