Olaplex is the new revolutionary upgrade service that now allows us to colour without compromising the integrity of your hair.

From natural colours to ombré and balayage, whether you have highlights, gloss or permanent to help cover greys, upgrading to Olaplex for your colour service will leave your hair condition feeling stronger, healthier and repaired, while your colour is shiny, vibrant and longer lasting.

Olaplex is a single active ingredient, which is free of silicones, oils, proteins, aldehydes and parabens, and is designed to reconnect disulphides sulfur bonds which are broken by the process of chemically treating or thermal styling hair, thus leaving you with soft, strong, healthy hair.

Introduce yourself to the new hair revolution…


Why do I need Olaplex?
When we colour our hair or use excessive heat through styling tools, we break down the hairs bonds that make it resilient and strong. The more chemical or heat services we apply, the more damage to these bonds there is.

Olaplex’s patented technology virtually eliminates the damage simply by adding a small amount to the colour service being provided.

What is Olaplex?
Olaplex is a single active ingredient that repairs and protects hair by linking the broken bonds together.

How is Olaplex used?
There are 3 simple steps to healthier, stronger hair. Step1: Your stylist will add Bond Multiplier No.1 to your colour. Step 2: Bond Perfector No.2 is applied to your hair for 10-20mins following the rinsing of your colour. Step 3: Hair Perfector No.3. This at home treatment looks after your Olaplex investment. Apply once a week before shampooing your hair and leave on for 10-20 mins. Follow with your usual professional shampoo and conditioner. This will maintain the condition of your hair in between services.

Why is there an upgrade charge?
Olaplex has been created by 2 of the worlds leading PHD’s in materials and chemistry, Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker. They have designed ground breaking technology so we can now achieve what was the impossible…

To colour hair and repair it at the same time.

Will Olaplex stop breakage?
Although Olaplex isn’t a miracle product, the reduction of breakage is dramatic and usually zero
with Olaplex.

How do I use my treatment at home?
This is a pre-shampoo treatment, apply Hair Perfector No.3 before shampooing.

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