L’Oréal Source

L’Oréal Source

Natural ingredients and vegan formulas are becoming increasingly popular with Gatsby & Miller clients.

The Source Essentielles range is natural, vegan friendly and free from silicones, sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Tailored to compliment your individual needs the range caters for all hair types, including fine hair, coloured hair and sensitive scalps.

These beautifully crafted products are practically designed with eco-friendly values. The packaging is fully recyclable, and each shampoo bottle is also stack-able to add a modern feel to any bathroom. And, as a reminder of just how natural each bottle is, each bottle is infused with natural leaves and petals.

Gatsby & Millers latest range of professional haircare products from L’Oréal are the latest natural products for earth-loving beauty lovers to get their hands on, and we look forward to introducing you all to these incredible new products in salon.

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