Cezanne Hair Smoothing At Gatsby & Miller Salon In Amersham

Are you in hot pursuit of silky, frizz-free hair?  Sick of struggling with stubborn, hard-to-manage tresses?  Discover the Cezanne Perfect-Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Gatsby & Miller hairdressing salon in Amersham – a transformational, safe and long-lasting hair smoothing treatment that results in beautifully conditioned hair without the use of damaging or dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde.

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Who Is The Cezanne Hair Treatment Suitable For?

The Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment can be used on ALL hair types and textures no matter how coloured, bleached, highlighted or damaged, and even over other chemical treatments such as relaxers.  It also works well on afro-textured hair and can also be applied directly over relaxed hair.

After your Cezanne Smoothing Treatment, you can expect to leave our award-winning salon in Amersham looking fantastic with smooth, shiny, wearable hair that will last for months!  

Bear in mind that this is a hair smoothing system that gives you long-lasting smoother, frizz-free hair rather than poker-straight hair.

cezanne hair smoothing treatment Gatsby Miller Hair Salon Amersham Buckinghamshire

How Does Cezanne Hair Smoothing Work?

Unlike formaldehyde-based keratin systems that simply coat the hair, Cezanne uses a revolutionary low pH system with similar acidity to lemon juice to open up the cuticle. This allows the infusion of a proprietary blend of keratin, botanical extracts and vitamins to enter through the cuticle to the cortex.

Then, when heat is applied during the flat iron process, the cuticle is closed and the proprietary blend of keratin, botanical extracts and vitamins are locked into the hair, protecting and smoothing the hair from the inside out.

Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing Gatsby Miller Hairdressing Salon Amersham Buckinghamshire

How Long Will My Hair Smoothing Treatment Last?

You’ll be pleased to know that the Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment will last for months. The amount of time varies by client hair type, hair texture, and maintenance.

After having a Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment at our hair salon in Amersham, there are a few ways to preserve your stunning new style. Your Gatsby & Miller stylist will advise you on the best maintenance routine to follow after you’ve had your treatment.

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Can I Colour My Hair Afterwards?

Hair colour can be carried out on the same day, before or after your hair smoothing treatment.

You can go right from the salon to the gym, swim, wash hair, use pins or have a pony tail. There is no waiting period, so you leave the salon with beautiful, healthy, manageable hair.

We offer a wide range of hair colouring options in our Colour Lab at Gatsby & Miller.  Find out more and see some of our beautiful hair colour transformations here.

cezanne hair smoothing top hairdressers in amersham buckinghamshire

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